Advanced Surgical Associates

General, Advanced Laparoscopic and Breast Surgery

Advanced Surgical Associates is dedicated to caring for you. Our Surgical staff is board certified and experienced in the performance of general, advanced laparoscopic, and breast surgery. We pride ourselves for putting patient care first and providing the highest quality surgical care anywhere.

The Art of Surgery is constantly changing. We take pride in maintaining and providing the most up to date diagnostic and interventional techniques. Intra-office ultrasound is provided to image and direct minimally invasive biopsies of breast, endocrine and musculoskeletal tissues. We also perform stereotactic breast biopsy, another minimally invasive technique.

Intra-operatively, patients receive exceptional care using the most advanced tools available. This includes procedures done through our breast center, such as sentinel lymph node biopsy, needle guided breast biopsies and skin sparing mastectomy. Advanced laparoscopy allows the treatment and/or removal of diseased or damaged chest and abdominal organs through tiny incisions using a 5 millimeter telescopic camera. Smaller incisions mean less postoperative pain and a shorter hospital stay for our patients.

Our surgeons work at top quality institutions such as Wake Med Cary Hospital, Wake Med Raleigh Hospital, Rex Hospital, and Duke Health Raleigh Hospital in North Carolina.